sugarfi radio

please allow some time after you click play for audio to start, latency is a bitch :/

note that the info about whats currently playing doesnt update live, youll have to reload

currently playing

nothing! check back later, see schedule below

schedule / upcoming


if you want me to play an album, or if you want to make a mix, just email me at if youve made a mix, include a name and a link to an audio file of the mix, as well as a tracklist. and a cover if you want. if its just an album, ideally include a tracklist, maybe the cover, and possibly a download link - if you leave them out, i can probably find them myself, but better safe than sorry right?

i like to try to play and promote indie/underground music here, and i dont make any money off this or anything. if youre a musician and see your work on here and dont like that, let me know and ill take it off asap tho